Tour History

Natalie Prevost aka The Barefoot Potter

The tour was founded by Natalie Prevost aka The Barefoot Potter, a former Elmira resident now living in Paris Ontario and has her studio in Kitchener. When Natalie moved into the community, she quickly recognized the area lacked an ongoing artist collaborative to showcase all the wonderful local talent. She contacted a few artists she had met and the word spread. The interested artists held a few meetings, set a date, and came up with the catchy name with the appealing ring to it ‘The Kissing Bridge Trail Studio Tour’. They opened their doors and engaged with the community by giving them the opportunity to take a scenic drive through an historic part of this region, stopping to visit painters, sculptors, photographers, potters, fiber artists, woodcrafters and jewelers.

Over the past 20 years the tour has changed and evolved. The attraction is kept fresh with artists joining in as life’s circumstances allow and as the creativity of the artists is expressed new every year!